The Goal

My vision is to create a brand of fashion goods that is truly excellent in design, quality, and workmanship. I believe by delivering quality and affordability in my jewelry lines, I can build a brand that commands the loyalty and covet of consumers from every walk of life.

What that means is that I aim a notch higher than anyone else in the industry. I use better stones whenever I can find them, even if they are not cost advantageous. I spend more time polishing and reworking the contours of my jewelry, because good doesn’t cut it. It has to be great. I put more gold and precious metal plating on my jewelry to increase the lifespan of the shimmer and shine. I conduct quality control over all of my products with a rigorous 8-point Quality Assurance system that checks for erred processes in the manufacture of my goods. Since I manufacture all of my own jewelry, I have a high level of control over what does and does not go into my products. I make sure whatever goes into it is simply – the best.

I value my customers because I am in the business of people. At the end of the day, business is about people connecting with people who connect with other people. The only way for me to be successful is if I’m able to add value to the people who purchase my brand. I’m all about making sure my customers are confident in the product that they buy. And I make every effort to give them the best service possible, which ultimately guarantees my consumers are given the best service possible as well.

Simply put – I want to make an ever more excellent product and offer an even better than excellent service to my customers because that’s what I believe I should do ALWAYS.